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Bridges & Viaducts

Design, engineering and integration to the landscape are the main challenges to face when constructing a bridge or viaduct.
Every project is unique. We offer configurable bridge formwork systems optimized for every bridge structure.
Ask for advice on your next bridge or viaduct construction project.

Bridge over the Cuiabá River, Brazil

On the Cuiabá River in Brazil, construction is underway on a new bridge in balanced cantilever method that will link the Parque do Lago in Várzea Grande with the Atalaia Park in Brazil.

The Cebu - Cordova Link Expressway, Philippines

'The Cebu—Cordova Link Expressway' is Cebu's most anticipated infrastructure project and one of the largest in the Philippines. It aims to alleviate the heavy traffic between Cordova – the capital of Cebu Island and the second largest city in the Philippines – and Mactan.

Bridge over the Neris River, Kaunas, Lithuania

During the construction of the A1 highway connecting Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda, a bridge was built that will significantly improve local and long-distance transportation. During the construction, the MK system turned out to be perfect, which was the basis of the structure, among other things, to build carts or trusses.

ES-60 Viaduct, Poland

The new ES-60 Viaduct, which forms part of the Slupsk - Gdansk portion of the S6 Expressway in Poland, will considerably reduce travel time between these two cities and thus reduce the flow of traffic on local roads.

Bridge over the Danube, Bratislava, Slovakia

The D4R7-Bratislava project in Slovakia includes the construction of 27 km of the D4 Motorway and 32 km of the R7 Expressway, as well as 14 intersections, and more than 100 bridges, including the sizeable Danube Bridge.

Arch of Innovation, São Paulo, Brazil

The arch of innovation is a cable-stayed bridge that has become one of the most iconic bridges in the country of its type, given its peculiar arc shape.

Antzuola Viaduct, Spain

The Antzuola Viaduct is one of the many structures that make up the high-speed train corridor in Basque Country, Spain.

MS-4B Bridge, Cigacice, Poland

Building the second bridge in Cigacice is the last stage of the construction of the section of the S3 expressway in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, Poland.

Toowoomba Viaduct, Australia

The Toowoomba project will create a safer, faster, and more efficient route connecting the main mercantile and cargo ports in the region.

Jakarta-Cikampek II Toll Road, Karawang, Indonesia

Construction of the new elevated toll road connecting Jakarta and Cikampek, an industrial district in Karawang, West Java.

Eresma, Arched Bridge, Segovia, Spain

The Eresma viaduct forms part of the SG-20 Highway expansion, the future ring road around the regional capital.

New Ross bridge, Ireland

The bridge over the Barrow River, is an extradosed structure 887 m in length, making it the longest bridge of its kind in the world.