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Building Construction

Solutions for all areas in the building sector. From housing, cultural, health, shopping malls, office buildings and sports facilities to station and airport buildings.
We offer a comprehensive solution for each project.

Shopping Malls

An optimized solution for any concrete structure in shopping centre construction. We offer a wide portfolio of ULMA formwork systems to cover all kinds of applications with high quality concrete finish: slabs and foundations, columns and walls, regardless of their geometry.
We complete our offer with safe and stable working platforms, stair towers and any other temporary scaffolding requirement.

Educational & Health Care Centres

We cover all applications for educational buildings and health care centres. Excellent concrete finishes and safety standards are guaranteed. Ask for advice on your next construction project.

Sports Complexes

These are large-scale projects characterized by their complex geometries, architectural concrete finishes and safety requirements.
Thorough planning and response capacity are our key facts to face successfully this kind of projects.

Cultural & Religious Buildings

A vast experience building large scale cultural and religious constructions.
The extensive ULMA formwork portfolio can face any architectural shape and concrete finish challenge. Our team of specialists are ready to work side by side, coordinate and manage the day-to-day realities of the project.

Business & Public Office Buildings

Multi-storey buildings in which design and cost-effectiveness are key factors.
We offer an optimised formwork solution for each multi-storey building.
Ask for advice on your next building project.

Buildings for Stations & Airports

A wide experience in the construction of bus stations, airport enlargements, underground stations, train stations, and terminals, amongst others.
We offer reliable formwork solutions and regular on-site support for a successful outcome.


Functional multi-storey buildings that generally have regular shape and repetitive geometries.
Short construction cycles can be achieved choosing the right formwork system and having good on-site support.
Ask for advice on your next residential building project.