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Concrete Construction Projects

A track record of highlighted projects in every field of concrete construction industry.
We have demonstrated experience connecting construction requirements with ULMA formwork, shoring, and scaffolding solutions and services.

Building Construction

Solutions for all areas in the building sector. From housing, cultural, health, shopping malls, office buildings and sports facilities to station and airport buildings.
We offer a comprehensive solution for each project.

Skyscrapers & Towers

These buildings generally feature spectacular architectural designs.
Our main objective is to offer an appropriate climbing technology with an integrated safety solution.
All the above mentioned together with day-to-day support, we can achieve faster construction progress.

Industrial & Energy Structures

These are sturdy concrete structures in which safety, speed of construction and cost-effectiveness are important points.
Our gained experience in this sector, has allowed us to offer the top formwork solution and a reliable service.
Ask for advice on your next industrial or energy construction project.

Bridges & Viaducts

Design, engineering and integration to the landscape are the main challenges to face when constructing a bridge or viaduct.
Every project is unique. We offer configurable bridge formwork systems optimized for every bridge structure.
Ask for advice on your next bridge or viaduct construction project.


Demonstrated experience in cut-and-cover and mine tunnel method construction.
We offer a customized solution based on standard tunnel formwork. Safety is guaranteed in all construction stages.
Ask for advice on your next tunnelling project.

Hydro Projects & Wastewater Treatment Plants

These are technically very complex structures where diverse solutions are required: circular concrete structures, single-sided forming, climbing methods, scaffolding solutions etc.
We can provide the solution to any project, however complex.
Ask for advice on your next hydro project.

Restoration & Maintenance Works

Over 50 years covering facades or any other structure (industrial & energy facilities, maritime installations, agricultural and food facilities) to create safe and smooth working areas.
The versatility of ULMA scaffolding systems together with our experienced team enable us to design multiple configurations for any application.