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Meeting our clients needs without compromising future resources

1 - Mission

The need for our business project to be socially responsible and environmentally friendly is registered in our MISSION.

“…Sustainable business project, appealing and socially responsible.”

2 - Life cycle analysis

We look for environmental advantages in all the processes: transport, storage, handling, use and maintenance, reuse, etc.

3 - Product manufacture and design

Both our products and the productive processes are certified by the International Environmental standard ISO 14001.

4 - Raw materials

We use mainly recycled steel and PEFC (Programme of the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) chain of custody and FSCTM (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood.

5 - Technical studies

We carry them out on a lower consumption of materials per project basis. We use BIM tools to optimize resources and reduce the environmental impact.

6 - Circular Economy Policy

We design our products to last and to obtain the longest use for our extensive range of rental materials.

7 - Recyclable products

They are 98% reusable and recyclable in high percentage due to the fact that they are inert materials.

8 - Cooperation with our clients

We help our clients comply with their environmental requirements: BREEAM, LEED, etc.