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Demonstrated experience in cut-and-cover and mine tunnel method construction.
We offer a customized solution based on standard tunnel formwork. Safety is guaranteed in all construction stages.
Ask for advice on your next tunnelling project.

BR-280 SC, Brazil

The highway, locally known as Governor Luiz Henrique de Silveira, is vitally important to the region, and especially for the Port of São Francisco do Sul (SC).

S7 Tunnel, Poland

Construction of Poland’s longest road tunnel with the MK Formwork Carriage.

Lusail Boulevard Tunnel, Qatar

This project consists of the construction of a cut-and-cover road-rail tunnel, including the mechanical systems and services necessary for the A3 Expressway.

Aguas Santas Tunnel, Porto, Portugal

Measuring 19.2 m in width, this mine tunnel is to become the widest on the entire Iberian Peninsula.

Santa Rosa Tunnel, Lima, Peru

With our standard MK carriages we were able to construct the two tunnels in a flexible manner that considerably reduced costs for the customer.

Tintenbar-Ewingsdale, Pacific Highway, Ballina, Australia

With the MK system we are capable of building formwork carriages that allow us to construct any type of structure with any geometry or load distribution, as was recently demonstrated in Australia.

Venda Nova III Dam, Braga, Portugal

When more than 2,000 t of material is mobilised, when extremely versatile construction systems are needed, and when the speed and simplicity of assembly is crucial, experience is absolutely fundamental to success.

Forum Gdansk Multipurpose Centre, Poland

As part of an urban revitalisation plan, the multipurpose centre Forum Gdansk will offer both public and private spaces designed to revive the area both economically and culturally.

Brisbane City Council’s Legacy Way tunnel, Australia

The 4.6 km long Brisbane City Council’s Legacy Way tunnel is going to connect the two busiest roads of the region.

Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal, Gladstone, Australia

This terminal is located at Golding Point and within the Port of Gladstone.

Blanka Tunnel, Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the Czech capital, the tunnel is part of 8 km of infrastructure to relocate traffic underground.

Rome Metro Line C, Italy

Line C, which connects the periphery with the city centre, is going to be the longest public transport route of Italy and the first line of Rome's metro.